070728 Thaikarl - about the ants again, its only working


don't be freeking out on me now.  i have ants in my toothbrush because i take shower outside using the water jars.  if you use the bathroom, there are no ants. well not usually.  besides, there's a frog who lives in there behind the brush basket who eats anything that moves in there.  he must, cause otherwise, how would he survive?  Its not the same frog that used to live in there.  different species. emerges from the drain in the floor.  what a life.

we're getting things done.  moving dirt in the sun is exhausting.  i crashed in the hammock during a break today and missed the burning ceremony for a friend of Toks. We went to the death ceremony thing at their house last night.  a pickup truck full of monks came, they chanted for a while, a short eulogy or two, and food was served.  then they gamble.  cards, and this game played with three dice and a bowl.  you place bets on a roll up plastic sheet, trying to match the outcome of the three shaken dice under the bowl.  i didn't have any money to lose.  so i didn't.  told Tok i lost 500 baht.  she was perturbed to say the least.  then i added "in my imagination"    555555!

i hope it stays warm in seattle.  i'm not looking forward to being cold.

Gorgous the life!
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