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i know some of yall are busy and don't get around to reading the travelogues.  my subject lines are sometimes obtuse, so in case you didn't read the "lucky like the moon" story of how Tok and I became engaged, you can read it at:

but the short version is this:

last year i asked Tok to marry me. she accepted.  we will be getting married in thailand april or may of next year - 2008.  everyone is invited.  we set the date far enough ahead to allow people who would like to come, and also holiday in thailand, time enough to plan, save and make arrangements.

we are applying for Tok to get a tourist visa to the USA.  if successful, she will be coming over for a few weeks (when i get the money together for her) and those of you on this list who would llike to meet her will have opportunity.  IF we get the visa.  they make it very difficult for thais to visit the  states.  Homeland Insecurity and all that. 

Nu and Tok
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    Rune and Nan

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    Welcome back. In reading your posts I found that you intend to bring you fiance to the USA to visit. They won't let her in Karl don't waste your energy or money just to get disappointed. Take a look at www.visajourney.com search fro the sawadee2 thread. They will show you that the only way for her to get here is on a fiance visa. It worked for me.
    Good luck

  3. i had read mike's post BEFORE i went for the tourist visa. thanks, belately tho...


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