111129 Thaikarl - moving quickly with muddy feet


landed at the airport in bangkok a few days ago and havn't stopped moving since.  went everywhere shopping and looking in BKK, took the bus home to Dong Khwang, our village. lots of changes around here - new houses here and there, trees and bushes have grown up, my sweet wife has been busy making improvements to the house and property.

you know how there's always something you forget to bring when you travel?  i forgot to pack the netbook that i bought specifically for traveling.  it's small, light, easy to transport and it works.  the two notebook computers we have at the house here are very old, slow and generally messed up.  only got this one working late this afternoon... is why i haven't been posting anything since i got back.

but it's wonderful to be here, its certainly a thrill, waking up at 5:30 am to the howling roosters next door, the blazing sun rise that turns the bedroom house into an easy-bake oven within an hour; cars, trucks and motorbikes roaring by intermittently on the big road out front, people talking in words i can barely make out and can't understand, the wack wack wack sound of someone pulverizing chilies and herbs in a stone mortar, and oh yeah, when you are at the edge of the road wanting to cross, look the other way, cause cars are driven on the left side. 

and i'm happy as can be to be home.

more... when i get the computer crap worked out.

cares, Nu

(for the folks new to this list, my thai given name is Anukhun - which means "good person to all people".  they shorten names here, or have pet/nick names they go by.  most every one around our area calls me 'nukhun'  sounds like "noo-koon".  my wife is a little more familiar and she calls me just "Nu".  it sounds like a big "N" sound with a very short, clipped "uw" right behind it.  most thai's have a hard time pronouncing "Karl" so many years ago we went to see the monks to get my proper thai name.)


111125 Thaikarl - Bangkok Lovely


home in thailand.  sooooooooo wonderful.  so happy to see my wife, Tok, again,.  and the WARMTH and the SUN, and the FOOD, and the crazyness of it all.  Amazing Thailand.  more to come, we have shopping to do :-)



Thaikarl 1111223 - greetings from Korea!


At long last, the adventure continues.  Only 2 degrees here. Just like Seattle  but its not raining!

I'm off to find a Jjimjilbang-  Korean bathhouse to shower, soak, and sleep. 23 hour layover.

more will be revealed...