110103 Thaikarl - Nappy Hoo Dear, the fruit stand


this new year feels alot like last year.  well, today feels a lot like a few days ago when it was the last year.  Smack-a-life changes in the last month, but i'll get to that later.

tok got in mind to get some business going.  she was looking into a few options and finally decided to sell rumbutan fruit.  so she took her savings, had a stand built in front of the house by the big road, bought a stock of fruit and went for it.  new years is a four day holiday for thai people.  many people come up our way to go the mountains where there are some sights and a lot of resorts.  she has been somewhere up in the mountains near where we live, selling fruit, and from what she told me today, she's doing quite well.

when she first brought it up to me, i ran thru the standard business modeling - profit/loss, cost of goods, sales, return on investment, etc etc etc.  that went right past her.  i gave up all that scientific stuff and just told her i'd do anything to help if i can.  i already posted a short one about it on the blog:  http://www.thaicountrylife.com/2010/12/toks-fruit-stand.html  there's a photo there.  hope yall are well and have a good year.