090802 Thaikarl - just like home!

friends,  we've been having a "heat wave" here in seattle.  July was the hottest month in seattle recorded history.  upper 90's  for days at a time.  of course, seattlites are complaining.  their wails and moans and screams hang over the city.  but for me, it feels like home in thailand.  and i'm quite happy.  hot is hot- don't get me wrong.  when it gets into the upper 90's it feels hot for me too, but it's not that uncomfortable.  80's feels warm to me. 70's are cool, 60's are cold, 50's are damn cold, 40's and below.  i don't even want to think about it.  strange (even to me) is how i became 'tropicalized'.  i don't remember being so heat tolerant when i was younger.  i guess when "home" becomes the tropics, then things like weather and food become the preferred state of being.