090802 Thaikarl - just like home!

friends,  we've been having a "heat wave" here in seattle.  July was the hottest month in seattle recorded history.  upper 90's  for days at a time.  of course, seattlites are complaining.  their wails and moans and screams hang over the city.  but for me, it feels like home in thailand.  and i'm quite happy.  hot is hot- don't get me wrong.  when it gets into the upper 90's it feels hot for me too, but it's not that uncomfortable.  80's feels warm to me. 70's are cool, 60's are cold, 50's are damn cold, 40's and below.  i don't even want to think about it.  strange (even to me) is how i became 'tropicalized'.  i don't remember being so heat tolerant when i was younger.  i guess when "home" becomes the tropics, then things like weather and food become the preferred state of being.


  1. Hey Karl, My name is Linc. I like your blog. I want to build a house in Phetchibun in the mountains for my wife and myself on her land. Can you give me the contact information of your builder? It looks like he did a good job on your house and I want the same. My budget is $200,000 usd. What kind of house and square footage can I get for that amount? Thanks

  2. Hi again, Thanks for your advice about being careful. I understand it is a big decision, I've been to Thailand four times last year and I've seen the bad and the good, and I think the good out weighs the bad.

    I dont see your response about building. How do I view it?

  3. @telldem i left a comment on your blog. you can email me direct at indiakarl at yahoo and i can pass on the info.

  4. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Hey Karl -- interesting blog. I'm also married to a Thai who lives in Kalasin and I also work in the US. Hopefully I'll be in LOS by the year end. Good luck and keep your spirits up, you'll be home soon.



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