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after a month and a half in seattle, i'm sorta adjusted.  the weather is improving here, which is comforting, but Tok tells me everyday that it's hot in thailand, and i miss that.  i have been most fortunate to have a good run of work since i've been back. i was hoping to return to thailand in august, as i've never been in there in august or september.  but... my van has a blown head gasket.  so i have to get that solved.  repairing the engine is very expensive, 1500-2000$.  i can get another whole van for that much, but a friend suggested replacing the engine, which would be less.  whatever... means i won't be going back in august tho.  and since i'm living in my van, i have to have that taken care of.

yep, living in my van.  it's rather nice actually.  i'm only here to earn money to support the family in thailand, and get enough to go home again, so i don't need to be paying rent anywhere.  i have two house's to take care of in thailand already.  i'm comfortable.  i have a folding mattress on top of some plywood, resting on plastic tote boxes.  the totes hold my tools and supplies for working.  i find various places to park in the vicinity of whatever job i'm working the next day, so i don't have to commute to work at all.  but i can STILL manage to show up later than planned.  i have a membership at 24hour fitness, where i can take showers and go for a steam room.  i eat at all different places- the deli at safeway is generous.  since i'm driving around, i get my food at the store daily, don't need a refrigerator.  i have a little home made alchohol stove and stovetop espresso maker, so i make coffee right there between the seats. a microwave would be nice, but no way to power that.  i have an aircard for my my old notebook computer, so i have internet anywhere.

things back home in thailand are just fine.  the parakeets Tok has in a cage outside are breeding- there were 4, now there's 8 of them.  the cats are good, Teri (her daughter) did well in summer school and started a new term (i have to buy new uniforms for her as the school is different).  Mama is on medication that keeps her heart and kidney problems in check for now.  a neighbor died, so Tok helped with the cooking and preparations.  we talk on the phone everyday, and when we can we get on skype and do video and voice chats.  i ask her what her plans are for the day, most days it's a "normal" day.  a normal day is cleaning the house, washing cloths, going to market for food, cooking, eating, taking care of business.  the lack of crisis and drama is refreshing.  

the politics and demonstrations in thailand seem to have settled down, at least for now, air fares are a little more expensive than a few months ago, but much lower than they were last year.  i can't wait to go home again.  well, actually i can, as, that's the way it is for us now.

gorgeous the life!

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  1. Hi Karl.. the new van blew a gasket? ouch, that's sad.
    I came across the pics of the camper top for it..looks like a cool addition.

    Hope things go well and you can get back to your family soon. See you in about a month.

    Rocketvan Alan.

  2. Nice blog, know the feeling, have been back in France away from home (Chiang Mai) four months now. Can't wait to get home to the family, just counting the days (end of June, for 6 months). Not easy is it!


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