151228 Thaikarl - Going home finally! - list check


after four years, i am finally going home again.  have my ticket to thailand booked for march.  so, my Thai Country Life posts will begin again.

i'm posting now to verify my email list, there's always a few bounces and changes to make.

so:  if you DO NOT want to get my postings from thailand (low volume) reply to this email with a "Take me of the travelogue list" subject, and i'll remove you.
       if you do want to stay on, do nothing, and you'll get the posts
       if you know anybody who should be on the list, have them send me a request to be added.

stories are always cross-posted to:  http://www.thaicountrylife.com

this should be a awesome trip.  My wife's daughter (pretty much my 'daughter' now) will be getting her nurse's cap in march.  after four long years of contributing to her university costs, i can finally put funds into the travel account and go home.  woooo hoooo!  I have some ideas about things i'd like to do whilst i'm home - more video, maybe audio postings, maybe Periscope... we'll see.  i'll be so busy with family activities (the honey-do list), and just hanging out in the glorious sunshine and heat, maybe i'll get fancy, maybe not.


Sweet Rice and Big Mouse :-D


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