Toks fruit stand

Tok is selling tamarinds and watermelons from a bamboo stand in front of the house.
there are a lot of thai tourists going to the mountains for new years. so she's taking advantage of the extra traffic to try to make a little money.
15 baht for a watermelon is 5   15 cents in U.S. dollars
(that's mama hanging out in the shade there)

permits from the city:  0$
permits from the county:  0$
permits from the health department:  0$
permits for business:  0$
taxes on sales:  0$

lack of government involvement on trade and entrepreneurship:  priceless


  1. Great picture Karl , happy New Year to you and Tok and Mama, Hope all is well , I read somewhere that Thailand has more entrepreneurs than any country in the world over 22 % , and no beauricrates to tell you what and how to do , but sometimes a little Tea money helps ha ha . Take care and catch you later. Malcolm

  2. Karl, I hope Tok sells heaps! It's amazing what you can buy at road side stalls. I swear I saw bee hives at a couple on our way to Nong Khai...but am going to investigate that further.

    Happy New Year! for Friday/Saturday.

  3. Oooh, rambutans!! My favorite favorite fruit and so hard to get in Seattle. :^( If I were in Thailand I'd be one of Tok's best customers. Blessings on her endeavor and Happy New Year to you both.

  4. i'd buy a few of those fruits, even if i was not sure i would like them... it just looks so clean and attractive. tok, you go girl. does it also keep rain out?

    1. tamarind is quite tasty as a fruit, if you get the sweet kind. the sour ones are just that, lemony sour. tamarind season is in dry season, so none if any rain.

  5. Anonymous11:14 AM

    15 baht is 50 cents USD not 5 cents.

    still cheap but not THAT cheap.

    1. you are correct. typo i missed.


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