070704 Thaikarl - let go and let Thai


my new mantra - "lt go and let Thai"  the paint crew is driving my inner painter nuts - slapping wall putty in the cracks in the wood, mildly sanding it and staining over it, so the whitish putty still shows, dripping paint everywhere etc etc.  deep breath - "let go and let thai" - the stain they are using covers over the grain of the wood, looks more like paint than wood stain.  i had to realize that what i consider "beautiful expensive tropical hardwood that would cost a zillion dollars in the USA" is just "wood" to the thai's.  much like we consider pine and cedar.  so "let go and..."  but when they get round to the new house, i'm going to be a little more definitive about what i want and DON'T want.  if i can get them to understand of course.  the crew that Noi was using the last week stayed out drinking until 4am and weren't in any shape to work yesterday, so she fired all of them and brought a whole passel of people today. and away they went.

my time here is short.  i hate that.

onward!  "let go and let..."
Nu and Tok

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