070723 check your toothbush for ants


getting things done around the household.  spend the day digging up good dirt, to put under the house, and transplanting a chille bush and some other weird tree.  tired, but it feels good to get done.

mama uses a huckleberry finn ploy.  yesterday she started rebuilding the tin house that covers and protects the well pump and motor.  she's out there dragging around wood, banging nails, sawing peices, gathering corregated tin. of course, Tok had to come help her, and then i got dragged into it because they were going to use the best wood - because it was handy.  there is plenty of crappy wood with a zillion nails in it, but still strong as iron, but you have to go find it and drag it around.  after a while, mama went and sat down under the house, then went inside and took a nap.  meanwhile, Tok and I were committed to building this thing, then it was just me.  but it got done.

they are starting to plant rice in the fields.  i've never seen this, as the other times i've been here when the tobacco is growing.  so i't quite interesting.  except for the pumps running 24 hours a day to fill the fields with water.  there hasn't been any big rain to fill the fields, so they are pumping it from the wells.  the pump sounds like a sewing machine - but louder, and constant.  photos to follow.

there are some new photos in the picassa gallery.

oh yeah, the ants.  since i take my showers outside from the rain water jars, i leave my toothbrush on the lid of one of the jars.  the ants seem to like the residual sweetness of the toothpaste, so i have to check my toothbrush for ants before using it.  the red ants aren't a bother, rather tasty in fact, but the black ants bite.


Nu and Tok

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