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beside the road there are a couple of stands that sell whole roast chicken.  the chickens revolve constantly on spits over a propane burner, like a rotisserie.  know what the thai's call these chickens?

not a lot of time to be interneting these last days.  the painters are painting the house.  they use oil-based enamel paint, directly on the concrete stucco.  none of this primer stuff. no sir.  just paint it.  driving me nuts because as a painter myself, i'm a bit of a perfectionist - i've painted on "high-end" jobs where drips, brush slips, streaks, rough edges and overlaps are just not tolerable.  but this is not the way they do things here.  at least, not at the prices i'm paying. so the old house is now orange, with dark brown, maroonish trim, and the inside is green, er, it's green now, but after seeing the color on the walls, we didn't like it so much, so they are going to overcoat it with a lighter green -= a llittle more blueish.

we're going to have to leave a lot of things un-done.  bank account hitting bottom.  stairs to the new house, railings for the porch, staining and varnish for the new house etc etc etc, will all have to wait.

but, we did spend the first night in the new house!  not exactly because it was ready for us - but the strong smell of the enamel paint inside the house drove all of us out.  we swept aside the tools, sawdust and planks, laid down a few blankets and use the collapsible mosquito netting.  i was cold and kept snuggling up to tok.  she woke me up to tell me i had pushed her of the mat and she was on the wood floor.  oops.  it was significant, because there was a full moon that night.  and the new house is named "Lucky Moon House" - says so right up at the top (film at 11)

thais call the rotating roast chickens "Circle Chicken"  tee hee...


Nu and Tok
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  1. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Thanks for the tip about not using primer. I have worked a spell as an industrial painter myself. And I am thinking about painting the house myself, as I have seen to many terrible jobs of this, even in quite posh hotels.

    The colors in our place will be a light blue floor, with egg- white walls. Egg white is of course something only females can spot. For me it's white. But thats what Nan wants.

    I managed to prevent green floors. But the outside will eventually be light green.

    Anyway, thanks again :-)


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