070718 Thaikarl crafty day and bus time again


there is a nice video that gives a flavor of bangkok at:


they are having a kind of crafts demonstration/hands on under a tend outside the department store near the hotel.  Tok went there yesterday and made a few things. she's over there now while i am in the internet cafe.  they have tables and instructors set up, each doing a different crafty thing.  you can learn how and make your own painted bracelet, painted glass, display board, painted nails, flower baskets etc.  all free.  Tok was really excited, she wanted to learn everything!  each of the tables gives you their card, and if later you want to buy paints or materials to do your own, you can contact them.  pretty cool.

lots and lots of commerce occurs on the sidewalks and beside the road in thailand.  food, cloths, jewelry, glasswear, souvenirs, CD's/DVD's/VCD's - just about anything/everything.  people will rent a space if it's in front of a commercial property, or just set up and sell.  everything from an old women with a few bananas to elaborate crafts fair type booths with signs, displays and music.  and it will all be folded up, packed up and gone every night.  unless it's the night vendors - they take the places the day vendors leave open.  there was a guy who set up a tv tray sized table outside 7-eleven the other night.  he had a few bottle of whisky, some coca cola, a bucket of ice and glasses.  instant street bar.  some places, like on the fly-overs and sky-train walkways are barred from vendors.  or at least so says the sign.  doesn't stop people from opening up a suitcase, laying out a cloth, and selling cute jeweled fobs they put on their phones, or hair bands, or combs.  someone will lookout, and if a cop starts to wander in their direction, flip/flop/flash, all the merchandise is back in the case and the vendors walk off.

amazing thailand

Nu and Tok
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