070718 thaikarl - to cambodia and back in one day


i made the visa run to cambodia today.  it was rather painless really.  took the skytrain to the On Nut station, went to the food court in the Tesco Lotus (department store) and found the tour man and the rest of the people going on the run.  some 16 of us got into two of the large passenger vans they use here and 4 hours later we arrived at a new border crossing.  exited thailand, handed over passports and photos to they kid at the table and went to the casino for a buffet lunch.  after lunch, the tour man came with our passports all ready to go, walked back to thailand, got another 30 days stamped in, got back in the vans and 4 hours later back in bangkok.  DVD movies along the way, one rest-stop for snacks and toilet midway.  only 1900 baht ( 63.00 USD) for the whole thing, including the visa for cambodia that we used for all of 1 hour.  never really went into cambodia actually.  there's a buffer zone between each countries gate - which is why there is a casino there.  tens of scruffy, ragged kids begging for handouts hanging on the fence.  on the thai side, the road is paved. across the gates on the cambodian side, it's dirt.  such is the difference.  we are staying in bangkok at the hotel again, then busing back to Lomsak tomorrow.

my brother deposited some money he owed me for a little work (and kicked in a little extra, thanks!) in the bank in the US, so we have a week or so living expense covered.  back to work on the house.  lots of dirt to move, debris to clean up, touching up after the 'painters' - no lack of things to do.  and the water fountain i built has a few "issues" to fix - like an internal leek that i will have to fix somehow.  and the weather is still warm, and the food is still delicious, and Tok is still a sweetheart.

Nu and Tok

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  1. Anonymous2:54 AM

    So thats how it's done...ok, does not sound to scary. Sooner or later I will have to do the same, so nice to have the recepee :-)


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