070714 Thaikarl - bad time to leave


haven't said much to yall lately.  everyday is pretty much the same drill: get up, drink coffee and work on the house.  goto town, buy food, go back and work on the house.

i'm scheduled to depart thailand july 18th.  my ticket expires that day, and i can't extend the date.  a one way ticket is pretty expensive.  it's a bad time to be leaving.  Mama is coughing up blood.  Tok took her to the hospital this morning.  They need several days of samples before they know what is going on.  but it can't be anything but serious.  coupled with that, there is still a ton of work to do around the house just cleaning up after all the construction.  i hate to leave it all for Tok to do, and worry about mama at the same time.   i'm trying to conjure up a way to stay for a few more weeks.  i can put the plane ticket on a credit card, but cash for living is, um, well, a mystery.  i'll let yah know...

the new house is as finished as the budget will allow.  they built us some stairs to get up there, using any old leftover laying around wood.  it works, but it's like the staircases they have in holland.  very steep, more like a ladder than a stairs.  but it will have to do.  and the stain and varnish of the the wood will have to wait also.  etc.

we leave for bangkok tommorrow.  Toks tourist visa appointment at the embassy is monday morning.  wish us luck.  it's a long shot, be we'll give it a try.


Nukhun and Tok

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  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Sorry to hear that Toks mom is ill. Hoping she will bounce back.

    Else I know the feeling you are describing, having Nan do all the refurbishing of the house, will i sit nice and comfy over here. But she is set on having it complete when I arrive 5th August.


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