070803 Thaikarl - Last day in Lomsak


can't extend it this time.  leaving for bangkok tomorrow and flying out monday to Vancouver B.C. (closest i could get a ticket)

last night tok and i were messing around on computer and heard a car going by on the big road.  and a thump.  had that "oh, oh" sound.  then hollering outside in the dark.  Sai and Tai's dog Ham was killed.  i really liked him. he was good natured and always came over to say hello and hang out.  but he didn't have much sense about crossing the road.  this time i didn't even want to go help with the body and all that.  we miss him.  even tok said she will miss him coming round when we are eating hanging out for possible scraps.  such is life.

i really really really don't want to leave home.  oh well.

Nu and Tok

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  1. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Hey, I think I know how you feel about leaving... I have not seen my wife for 6 weeks now. Well, nothing gives you more motivation to work hard so you can get back I guess. Take care. :-)


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