100702 Thaikarl - thailand is behind, korea is now, USA is before... me

the internet cafe next to our hotel in bangkok is no more, so i didn't post before i left.  i'm in korea now, on 10 hour layover.  so i took the subway trains into town.  going to drop off a book to the couch-surfing.com contact i have here, and goto a korean bath-house.  the subway system here is a trip.  it's a giant puzzle.  you have to know how to read maps and spatial diagrams, search out the english words mixed in with the korean characters.  i got it sorted out, mostly.  when i went to leave, my travel card that i bought from the machine didn't work to let me out the gate.  buzzes went off, and barriers wouldn't open.  i went to various machines, up and down stairs, to multiple exits, studied all the maps looking for an office of some sort.  couldn't find a worker to help me.  finally a young guy helped me... he just took me through the handi-capped gate.  doh!  don't have a clue what when ary.  maybe i fried my card?
raining here, but warm.  bought a cheap umbrella cause it's warm, and i was getting all steamy.  with a little help from the guy at the desk, i got online in a "PC-BANG", internet/game room, down in the basement of a building.  going to the bath-house for a few hours next, then back to the airport. and try some mystery food.
and from there... i dunno.


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