100824 - Thaikarl - USA Friday Harbor, unitedstates, uh, yeah

back in the USSR, er, USA.  we departed canada by crossing in invisible line in the water yesteray.  came into Roche Harbor to clear customs.  uh, huh.  when we entered canada, we docked at the customs harbor on Pender.  mike got out, and made a phone call to customs, to thell them that foreigners were entering the country.  they asked a few questions on the phone- "any fruit, food, guns or explosives?", gave mike a number to post in the window of the boat, and we were in.  when American Citizens come back INTO america, well, i don't want to say anything.  Homeland INSECURITY might be listening.  lets just say it was a little more involved.

we're gonna hang out in the san juan islands for a few days, mikes wife might join us for a couple of days, and we're back.  "it's good to be alive"sings sheryl crow on  the music in the coffe shop here... i agree.

you see a lot if interesting boats out here.....

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