100808 - Thaikarl USA - greetings from canada

greetings from bedwell harbour, south pender island, British Columbia.  Canadian customs station check in.
we left seattle on the armadillo - mikes 50 foot sailboat on friday around 7pm.  motored up north into the setting sun and oncoming darkness.  i had been going full bore the last few days, so i went to my bunk around midnight.  we got in to some rough water alongside whidbey island, where the sea is open to the ocean thru the straigt of juan de fuca.  difficult to sleep with the boat banging around, bouncing up and down on the bunk, things falling down and clattering in the cabin.  i just got to sleep at 3am when nathan woke me to go up and take down the sails.  we hoped to sail, so we'd put them up, but not enough wind to make a difference, so we were motoring,  but the sails were making steerage difficult, so we hauled them down and went back to bed.  mike was driving until 5am, when nathan awoke me again to anchor up in burrows pass.   we slept a little while motored into anaortes to top off the fuel tanks.

we motored over to friday harbor in the afternoon, went grocer shopping and nathan and i took land showers.  a friend of mikes lives on friday island across from the harbor.  we mored over there, visited a while and anchored up in the south anchorage of friday harbor, because the fog rolled in and it wasn't a good idea to go any further.

mike set the crab pot before midnight.  this morning, mike hausled up 15 crabs, 6 of which were males big enough to keep.  crab feast tonight!  motored up here to check into customs.  we're in funny money land now.  woo hoo!!!!


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