100810 - Thaikarl - CANADA - Chilling out for the day in Maple Harbor

we pulled into maple harbor today.  nice marina.  rustic, with numerous nautical decorations around the property - old ships engines painted red and white old propellers etc.  store, pub, laundry... laundry!  my wife was consternated when i told her i've been wearing the same pair of jean for two weeks (..."put honey, i change my underwear...") mike decided to pay moorage, so we'll hang out for the night.  shore power to charge up all the batteries things.  errol has a nintendo DS, there's a DVD player machine, i've got batteries, cell phone and camera to charge, computers, there's the GPS etc etc.  you get real attentive to charging things when your 110v options are limited.  we have a 12v to 110v inverter, but it drains the anchor and house batteries so we have to limit the use of that.  at least the adults think about charging things.  errol just uses them til they die.

traveling by boat sure is different.  i have no idea how you would DRIVE here.

onward - back to the san juan islands this week.

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