100826 Thaikarl - USA - Doe Bay, Orcas island - hanging out for a few days

posted a few now photos in the desolation sound gallery:  http://picasaweb.google.com/thaikarl/DesolationSound  scroll down to the picture of Errol at the bottom for the lates posted pix.  
we anchored at Doe Bay, Orcas island a couple days ago.  been hanging around, enjoying the resort facilities (for free :-)  they have a restaruant, mike got us in to play music tuesday night.  we made 36$ in tips, and got free pizza.  he got us in last night also, nother 38$ - i keep one dollar, the rest goes into the boat fund.  i don't know mikes songs, so i don't sing with him much, i fake my way thru the chords with him.  sometimes i can read them off his song book, otherwise i watch and listen and try to keep up.  fun to be playing in public again.

the resort has a spa - a set of hot tubs overlooking the little bay here.  we went up and sat in the hot water after playing last night.  nice.

the wind blows thru the strait of jan de fuca, hits widbey island and blows north thru rosario strait - right at us.  the boat was rocking and rolling all night again.  nice way to get to sleep, being rocked and bumped around.  errol was sleeping up on deck, hanging in the mayan hammock suspended by lines and halyards.  i went up late at night to see what was rolling around making a banging noise.  errols hammock was swinging back and forth like a flag in a storm.  the kid slept thru the whole thing.  except when we was being banged into the mast!  we're going to play music tonight at the open mic and probably head south towards seattle tomorrow.

the weather has turned cold, windy and somewhat cloudy.  summers over i guess.  nice while it lasted.  we got a text saying it was pouring rain in seattle.  wah! when i get back i'll make a google map of our travels.

the adventure continues

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