100526 Thaikarl - american ingenuity. loses again.


i use my outdoor shower behind the house.  i like it out there.  we didn't have village water when i built it last year.  i put a piece of cement board on the corner of the shower and put my shower stuff on that.  my organizational wife got me a basket for my things.  but when the wind comes, my razor, toothbrush and such gets blown off behind the wall and i have to go retrieve the stuff.

so i got all fired up when i found three and four-way PVC fittings at the shed market.  bought a bagful of parts, and a long piece of 1/2 inch PVC, found another basket in the shed, and built myself a stand to hold the basket and my shower things.  quite please with my ingenuity, i showed my wife.

her comment?  "why you not get two nails and nail the basket to the wall. not spend all that money on pipe?"

FAIL.  i had no answer for that one.

  (but it is cool eh?)


  1. Karl, every Thai outhouse needs one of them things, you should start a little bussiness on the side . all kidding aside it works and thats what counts, you done good . Malcolm

  2. Oh, but you should have told the wife that your PVC stand can hold TWO baskets (his & hers)...so, you saved 4 masonry nails.

    Plus, the frame is both waterproof and mobile.


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