100521 Thaikarl - Snake - Toad - Termites - Cat

friends, what do all those words have in common?  they are all in the video i just posted to youtube:

the other day i saw the snake three different times on the same day.  each time on a different side of the house.  when it slide into the woodpile on the east side, i hope to get a better look at it.  i poked a long piece of pvc into the pile lengthwise.  heard it move a couple of times.  he even stuck his head up and gave me a threatening gaping mouth glare, like i was really annoying him. which i was. so i stopped.  if the neighboors see it they'll kill it, so if it shows up again, i'll try to suggest to it that it goes out to the fields to live.  it'll be safer out there... till they start harvesting the corn.  but it can run away.  i hope.

didn't see any fangs, but still couldn't get a good enough look to take a photo and identify it.

the toads and the gekkos have a feast on the bug blooms, which usually happen after some rain.

yesterday, the Tokay gekko suddenly appeared out the the corner of the ceiling and ran along the top of the door over toks head.  it stopped on the wall beside the cabinet.  i ran and got my camera, but it took off as i brought the camera up to take a picture.  beautiful animals!  this one is about 14 inches long.  tok is annoyed with him because he drops his crap on the floor in the bathroom and she has to clean it up.  i was wondering what those were.  kind of looked like little slugs.  tokay turds. hmm.

amazing thailand!

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  1. Sounds amazing indeed. Snakes also frequent our home in the Philippines. They do this to hunt for food like rats and snails. We just chase them away every time.


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