100524 Thaikarl - new ceiling in the bedroom house


at long last we have a new ceiling in the bedroom house.  the ceiling before wasn't a ceiling at all, it was the bottom of the roof tiles.  a common trait of many thai country houses.  problem is, the sun bakes the roof, the tiles get hot, and the heat radiates from the bottom of the tiles into the room.  and because the there is an open space between the top of the walls and the ceiling tiles, the dust gets into the room much easier.  Tok is sensitive to dust, so it's not a good thing for her.

we'd already spent our "home improvement" funds on other things, but tok decided that she would use the savings she has and get it done, since the weather has been so hot.  and i promised i send her extra money to replenish her savings over time.  we had do do a little shopping for the wood, insulation and nails.  then a friend of hers who is a builder came over with a few guys and they did the job in two days. 

looks nice eh?  and it is cooler up here in the daytime.  10mm hardwood sheets of plywood were 850 baht each (26$ USD), we used 11 sheets.  plust labor 4000 baht (123$ USD) and incidentals, the whole job came out to 19,000 baht (585$ USD)


  1. Karl , it looks great and Tok will be very happy too > will be sooo much cooler in the hot season and quiter during the rainy season too . Give Tok a big hello from Ciejay and me and take care . Malcolm

  2. Karl I'm impressed with the work, a great job and not a bad price either.

    Come evening time the room will be a lot cooler but with a ceiling there you'd better get used to the noise of mice running around above it. Quality job.


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