100505 Thaikarl - Active day wot?


yesterday went like this: we got up and ate, went to town to buy fruit, witness the remains of a motorbike/truck accident (dead people), set out fruit for the ghosts, took a nap, took a song toews to sattahip, took another one to pattaya, took another one into town. walked, walked walked.  bookstore was gone. internet cafe to find another.  another song toew, to bookstore, eat food, two more song toews to sukumvit (the main road) song toew to sattahip, song toew to ban chang. got the bike, went shopping at the meeting market and tesco lotus.  bike had a flat. got air. flat again. got a new rear tire and tube (15 USD including labor), went home, then went to the beach and i went swimming in the ocean in the dark  under the stars.  home to snack shower and sleep.

whew.  but it was fun, except for the accident.  just to clarify, the drive made a u-turn at the light, didn't see the truck and pulled right in front of the truck and was literally run-over.  sad thing is, the truck just kept going. and disappeared.  i understand that happens frequently if there's an accident.  people don't stick around to get in trouble over it.  motorbikes, cars, flying, climbing ladders... all dangerous and always the potential for death and injury.  i know this.  but i like riding a motorcycle, drive a car, fly in planes, climb ladders.  i'm careful, but feces occurs you know.  i'm just as eligible as the next guy to not see the on-coming agent of my death and drive out onto the road in it's path.  but i dearly try to avoid that.  i didn't want to go into the gory details, but i've recieved a few very concerned and caring emails and i do acknowledge them.

besides that, late night swims in the ocean are great! especially when the water is warm, the air is warm, the sky is clear...

onward!  by bus to Yasatorn tomarrow for Bang Fai rocket festival

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    Thanks Nu!
    - chirico


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