100507 Thaikarl - Bang Fai time in Yasothorn


we got up at 5:00am  yesterday - even before the 'crack of dawn', got stuff together, motorbike taxi to the bus store.
14 hours on the bus later - with one 20 min lunch stop, we arrived in Yasothorn, in the Issan area of thailand.  it's flat, dry and hot here.  Bang Fai started as a way to request good rains in the coming rainy season, by shooting giant bamboo rockets into the sky.  the higher the better.  and of course it's evolved into a big event.  and the big rockets are made with blue plastic PVC pipe not bamboo anymore.

i'm looking forward to the launches tommarrow.  tonight it's one big giant dancing contest, with one whole street lined with big stages, HUGE sound systems trying to over-power each other and tons of dancing girls and singers. lottsa food, games and booths.  cool!!!!!

onward! to the sky!

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