100513 Thaikarl - home to languid heat and soft days


it was good to get home again, tho i did enjoy our little holiday.  back home to our full moon house, hot days, light winds and occasional relief from a little rain.  after a few days of laying about, i'm back on beam to get a few things done.  i have to wire up an outlet up in mama's room, another switched light in our bedroom, make a stand for the fan we bought that will set on the headboard inside the mosquito net.  and work on the website for products, and and and.  i have a bunch of photos to sort thru for posting from bang chang, chantaburi and bang fai.  when it's 40 degrees tho, you tend to move at a slow pace dripping in sweat.

tok really really wants to put a ceiling in our bedroom house.  it's just exposed rafters and roof tiles now, and when the sun heats the tiles, it radiates into the room below.  the fan just stirs the hot air around.  but, the building fund was depleted paying off the phone company.  so it has to wait.  owning a house and all the attendant repairs, improvements and projects is something new to me.  the land isn't going to do it.  we are the landlords!  i used to be the guy they hire to do this stuff, now i'm the one to spend the money, and do the work. or at least order it up, as the locals can do the job so much cheaper than i can even doing it myself.

i chatted with a friend of mine i met in india a few years ago. he lives in england now, has a rather important job there, british counsil or something lkike that.  when i met him he wa a young guy running his fathers paan shop in maduri india.  he's come a long way, but in spite of that, he rues the loss of time, family and dreams that the dedication to work has taken from him.  i understand.  i've taken the opposite track in my life- time, family and dreams came first, materials and assets were acquired as necessary, and just as easily disposed of or taken away.  such is life.


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