121102 Thaikarl - Mexico!01 not thailand, but there is sun and palm trees


a slightly different adventure.  i am crewing on a 47 foot sailboat - the Emerald Lady.  i was

on the San Francisco to San Diego leg, then flew back to seattle to work work work, then flew

back to join the boat in San Diego.  we've joined the Baja Ha-Ha rally to Cabo San Lucas on the

very southern tip of the Baja peninsula.

after a 65 hour run on the open ocean, out of sight of land most of the time, we've arrived at

the first stop over, the Bay of Turtles.

awesomeness max max max!

dry dusty country.  basic life here, but lobster fishermen drive around in 30,000$ pickup

tried to buy a SIM card for my iPhone.  Language fail. forgot to download spanish/english

dictionary for my phone.  it would shure help

more adventure to be had, we're just getting started.  Today is supposed to be day of the Dead

here.  The Baja Ha-Ha group had a big potluck on a nice beach mile south of the town.  tons of

food, beer tent and festivities.

i wandered off into the hills behind the beach.  very dry, powdery ground full of sharp rocks. 

i like the desert. lived there when i was a little kid.  my earliest memories are being in the

desert and going out with my friends to play.  way off the reservation, by ourselves.  i was in

first grade, so i was what, six years old?  we were free-range kids back then.

tommorrow we leave in the morning for Santa Maria, 240 nautical miles south.


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