121012 Thaikarl - Mexico!03 walking and bus in cabo san lucas


hanging out in Cabo San Lucas.  we went into town yesterday.  i went off on my own wander-about.  walking up the streets away from the marina/tourist area, there were a lot of buses going by.  i asked a few questions and board the first bus that came along.  9.5 pesos (less than a dollar.  bouncy bouncy bus, going i've no idea where.  just away from the tourista zone.

very different out there than in the marina area.  everybody got off the bus, and the bus driver said i had to leave.  oh oh.  he pointed to another bus.  i got on that, and it wandered a bit, and took me back right into the marina area.  nice.

reminded me a lot of home, out in the vilillages in thailand.  very basic construction, cinder-blocks and haphazard architecture.  but very dusty.  many of the people on the bus going out were wearing hotel branded shirts.

i'm digging this tiny little view of mexico i've seen so far.  john and kelly are having family come join the boat, and i'll be needing to get back to work for the family in thailand, so i'm looking at having to head back to cold, dark, wet, seattle.  The Horror!  trying to see if i can crew on a boat going back to san diego - they call it the Baja Bash, cause it's upwind and up wave all the way.  stay tuned.


Cabo walking and bus stats -

Start Time: 11/11/12, 15:25
End Time: 11/11/12, 20:51

Active track info:

Distance: 12.8 NM
Total time: 5h 23'
Average Speed: 2.4 kts
Max Speed: 29.7 kts

i couldn't figure out how to link to the Google Earth site or post the .kmz file, but here's an image of the trip:

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