100404 Thaikarl - departure time!


it's been a frenzied week, as usuall before take off.  when you take a 2 week holiday, if you forgot to take care of something- like putting your netflix account on hold before the send you some new disks, it's no big deal.  but when you're going to be gone for 3 months, you aren't going to be around soon enough.  so i have to take care of all that.  i did send in my netflix dvd's, but i forgot to put the account on hold before they sent the next one out.  so "dead snow" is going to sit in my mailbox for three months.

it's 6 am, the sky is just starting to lighten up.  i've been up all night, storing stuff and packing my bags.  i usually stay up all night before i leave.  when i hit the seat on the plane, i'll be asleep before we take off.  wake up to eat then back to sleep.  all the way across the pacific.  except this time i have a 23 hour layover in seoul korea.  which is kind of weird, but it means i get to spend the night and most of the next day there.  i got a place to sleep on couchsurfing.com.  should be fun, though i'll still be a little fuzzy brained from sleep/wake disruption.  then, then, then... the flight to bangkok and my wife tok will be waiting for me at the exit gate.  joy abounds.

the "red-shirts" are raising a ruckus in bangkok.  they are people who don't like the current government, they want it dissolved and new elections held.  and just so everybody knows who they are, they wear red-shirts.  thousands of them are milling around the major shopping centers in bangkok, causing the malls to close.  last year the "yellow-shirts" occupied and closed the bangok airport for a week.  i wonder what color-shirts will be next.  purple would be nice.  for i while i thought the politics in thailand was pretty wacky.  i've payed a little more attention to american politics  since the last election, and listened to everyone talking about issues like the health-care movement. having listened to americans having their say, left and right.  from what i hear right here in the states, our politics, and the people who talk about it, is just as wacky.  we're a bit different, but just as wacked-out as thailand.  people believe all sorts of crazy things.  tok is worried about getting mixed up in the red-shirt mess.  i told her we'll just go around them.  whull see.

wow, check out the weather near where we live.  pitsanalok is and hour our so away... and it's at up in the mountains, so it's gonna be even hotter in the lower lands where we live.  that's a little warm, even for me.  but after the crappy week of rain, wind and cold we've had here in seattle, it will be high heaven.

i had to drive around and find an open wire-less connection.  probably won't be online again until the airport in korea.  for you all that tweet, i'm on twitter at http://twitter.com/thaikarl more to come. perhaps even a podcast from far away! and more video - now that i have a better camera. what would you like to see and hear about???/

onward! to amazing thailand!

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