100417 Thaikarl - a short day


lazy day today. went by quickly.  worked on the computer for hours answering emails, setting up web pages.  it rained a few times today, which cooled the air off quite a bit, and cleared the dust and haze from the sky which made for a nice sunset cloudview:

a few people have asked again why i'm not living here in thailand.  the short answer is of course, i have a family to support, and it's not easy for me here, as i don't speak the language, and most of the skills i have don't translate to well paying jobs here.  english teachers  make enough to support a family.  as much as i complain about the states, i don't dislike america - i just like  thailand more.  if i could understand more about the government and things here, i'd probably complain about here also.  americans - of which i am one and will always be one - are great complainers.  i try to keep it to a low level tho, as generally my outlook on life is positive, no matter where or what i'm doing.  so while i'm here i enjoy it immensely.  when i'm in the states, well, it is familiar, and i can work there - which supports the family.  but believe, as soon as i can figure out something that will enable me to live here permantly, here is where i'll be.  tok has no interest in living in the states.  she would like to meet my family, and see some of the country, but not to live there.  i'm sure she would hate the food. (i do)

i found an interesting observation about thailand in one of the blogs i follow:
Next, Richard comments, "What's up with all the violence in Thailand? I thought it was an idyllic Buddhist country. Now it seems like they're more prone to violence than the good old U.S.A. Even with our budget issues and governator, I'll take southern California anytime."
I like southern California too… but don't be too quick to judge Thailand based on an anomalous incident in which 21 people died. Statistically, violent crime is much, much worse in southern California.
In Thailand, violent crime, particularly against foreigners is almost unheard of; the worst thing you have to worry about there is corruption, not getting your head blown off.
relevant, as i have received a number of caring concerned emails about being here in thailand when there is news about the red-shirts demonstrations getting out of hand in bangkok.

the rest of the day was lax. made a new cable for my guitar amp and played guitar, ate dinner and maybe we'll watch a movie.
or not.

gorgeous the life!

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