080226 Thaikarl , my address, little crash, and a nice day here


several people have asked for my address here in thailand

Mr. Karl
167 moo 11
Namchun Lomsak
Phetchaboon 67110

my mobile:    011 66 83 161 7558
toks mobile     011 66 85 050 7044
things sent by "Global Priority Mail" at the post office get here pretty quick.  Things sent by airmail get here in a couple of weeks or less, things sent by ordinary  mail take more than a month to get here.  boats are slow you know, for ordinary mail.


had a fun little mishap the other day.  we were dashing off to the village market to buy food.  the road grader made a big swipe down the middle of the packed dirt on the new road, and i elected to try to get by on the side berm. whups.  rear tire wiped out on the loose rocks, and we kind of fell over.  onto the nice rocks.  picked up the bike, which was still running.  brake lever bent all outa shape, foot peg all whacked  out and my lower right leg got the worst of it.  fortunately tok had only a few scratches on her knee.  very embarrassing.  of course tok was nervous about  me driving after that, but  i  made let me drive, else she won't trust me and will  always be more afraid than normal.  she's had some pretty  big crashes - she hit a water buffalo once, so she's a little more apprehensive than i am.

theres a few new bugs in the thai bugs gallery, scroll down to the bottom, and a couple in the current thai gallery.

today is one of my favorite kind of days here.  there is a thin, high hazy  cloud cover way up there.  the sun shines thru  it, but the light is attenuated, doesn't glare so harshly.  i'ts still quite warm, and will be warmer later, as the haze keeps the heat in.  i think i'll go siphon the dust out of the waterfall pond and refresh  the water.

Nu  and TOk

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