080213 Thaikarl - i annoyed the ghosts.


i'm laid low by somekind of bacteria bug. sore throat, nose, lungs etc.  Tok tells me that i may  have angered the ghosts and they made me sick.  Or i picked up a bug somewhere.  she took me to the clinic.  nice doctor, checked me over, prescribed meds and off we go.  total cost:  $6.00, and that was mostly for the meds.  so i'm fever/on, fever/off, feeling okay, to back in bed again.  sooner or later my body will have been exposed to all the strange bugs that we don't have  in the states, and i wont get sick from these things.   Tok takes very good care of me.

we had a visitor the other day:  a Coelognathus radiatus (Copperhead Rat Snake).  we didn't know if it was dangerous or not (it's not poisonous) so we were a little delicate handling it.  well i was trying to  be, but Tok was a little more nervous about it,  and kept warning me to get away, which spooked the snake even more, so it would go hide in even a  more difficult place.  finally flushed it out with the hose, and it hi-tailed it along the back fence and slithered into  the neighbors yard.

Nu and Tok

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