37 thaikarl i can understand what people are saying this must be USA


landed back in seattle, washington, UNITED STATES (the sign in the airport didn't say "of america")
i can understand ambient conversations.  i can read the signs.  the money is all colourless.    the food un-appealing.  people are inconsistent shapes and featured.  jeez.

i didn't get searched at customs this time like i did last year.  so i breezed thru all that in less than an hour.  no one at the airport that i knew, so i took the metro bus.  with 25kg of  luggage.  always come back heavy with acquisitions.  it was 8pm and the sun was just setting.  in the tropics its completely dark by 8pm.  and COLD!

at my apartment, it was a joy to see my cats - they were mildly interested in my return, had to sniff all the strange smells from me and my bags.  they are so BIG, these cats.  asian cats are generally small and thin.  my room-mate was a little nervous to see how i would react to everything being moved, reconfigured, restacked and re-piles.  i'm okay with it.  it's a mess, all my electronics are unplugged and confused, stuff is not exactly where it used to be.  but i expected all that.  i have to re-do all this stuff anyway to adjust to living in a much much smaller space.

i'm in that weird "don't quite know what to do with myself" zone.  my body thinks its the middle of the  day, but it's now 4:06am.  birds are chirping, which means the daylight will arrive soon.  the culture shock of returning to this place is far far worse than going overseas.  but i'll get used to it. mostly.  enough to get along.  next time i buy a ticket for asia it will be a one-way ticket.  (even if i know i'm coming back, extending and re booking is more expensive than just buying a one way return ticket)  but maybe, i won't need that return ticket. not for a long time.

i called Tok, she i getting busy as always - working in jamlongs shop, setting up to cut and style hair at her own house, and some people have expressed interest to her of learning english.  "hey, that's supposed to be MY job i said to her".  i miss her and the family, and all the people in the neighborhood.  but i must keep a "cool heart" as they thais call it.  so i will.

the next adventure begins...



or am i back to being karl?  oh  yes, i guess so. thus:


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