34 Thaikarl greetings from taiwan!


many baht later, i finally made the plane from bangkok to Taiwan. i'm
visiting with Doug, whom i met at the Celta course and his wife. i'm
typing this on an iBook at dougs english school. (so nice to see a
mac again) quite an impressive setup they have here, two nice rooms
with new desks and chairs, whiteboards... a real school. it's called
DJ's English School for Doug and Jasmine (his wife)

it's a little different here. like, everything is in chinese
characters, and the language sounds very unfamiliar, soft and breathy.
the city of thaipei is some ways away, we are out in the out lands of
the city proper. i can take the MRT subway into the city. doug and
jasmine are busy with school.

raining. grey. like the scenes from blade runner...

will be nice to soften the let down from thailand. i have been with
tok 24/7 for 4 months... feels strange to be on my own now. but she
is not that far away.


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  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Hi Karl just checking out the blog to see if I missed anything. Your emails have been interestng as always. I look forward to your pictures but your discriptions make your adventures very each to see in my minds eye. Love and Hugs,


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