28 Thaikarl wow the whelm. it is bangkok


after the "quiet life" in the country, bangkok is even for me, a bit overwhelming. but i like it.  have noticed the total assault of people, traffic, commerce and cool things to see and do does make the brain a little frazzled. 

i had a few 'gotta do's' while we are here, so i ran around yesterday and took care of them.  got my airline tickets and all that.  today was some sight seeing.  mama wanted to got wat prekow (sp?)  which we had been to already, so i passed on the 200 baht farlang entrance fee and went wandering.  turns out that is is a big buddist holiday, and they had all these tents out on the big field with exhibits, and displays.  very cool.  the first tent had a collection of budda images.  tens of them.  many people looking, praying, taking pictures.  in another tent they had they very modern exibit on the history of buddism.  mulit-media projections, sculptures, 3D LCD dispays, and even a holovision of the baby budday coming at you, out of the thin air.  it was very well done, and they did have english notes under things.  after the family got done at the temple they came over and we went through everything again.

mama was tired, so we took them to the hotel, and tok and i went to jatachuck market, and back to mbk.  everybody is pooped out.  i'm kinda tired also, but city-jazzed up.  taking the bus back to the north tomorrow.


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