140124 Thaikarl - Back from paradise, into the maw


back in seattle i am.  talk about hitting the ground running!  new boat to suss out, welcome back calls, transfer title on boat and get insurance, oh crap, tabs on car expired - oh need emissions test too, work to do at school, painting job to start on vashon island, call to come help out up in la conner, have to find another marina, have to meet with old owners of the boat to learn what all these switches and valves and pumps goto,  jet-lag (always worse going east), falling asleep at 9pm one night, awake till 5am the next night, car insurance due, hosting expiring, coho ho ho web page to revise, help man the booth at the boat show this weekend, thousands of photos from this trip to sort, storage rent way over-due, people i want to see, lender letters to get out, where's my cables for my other computer, worried a little about my wife who is now living all by herself on the property back home, and... and...

and a couple of days ago i was laying on a hot floor in the bath-house in Seoul korea taking a nice warm nap. big sigh.

but i'm not bored! and all the activity softens the "missing home" hang-over.

Gorgeous the life!


hows this for going fast??? (somewhere over the pacific)



  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    thank You, yours life is beautifull and exotic like novel, I greet from Poland :)

  2. After a good vacation, this a waits you.. :)

    1. my trips home never seem like vacations, since after all, i'm going 'home' that's where my heart and love is. being in the states is just working. so i guess in that sense, going home is a vacation from work. but, i always end up busy when i'm home too!


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