140109 Thaikarl - bangkok closed? imagine that


i'm having to delay my departure from the land of smiles.  it appears the current crop of protesters are going to "shut down the city" on the 13th.  my wife and step-daughter were worried about going into the city at that time.  not because of danger, more because it's likely to be a pain to get around.  Teri's university, which we planned to visit, is not far from the bus station where they will have populist roadblocks.  and our favorite hotel is two blocks away from one of the main protest areas.  so to give it time to settle a bit, i rebooked for the 20th.

i booked on expedia/orbitz etc a few times in the past.  never again.  sure, save a few bucks on the ticket, but good luck trying to get them on the phone, and forget about changing your flight.  korean air (my favorite) always answers the phone with minimal holding time, they changed my flight twice this time, for free (since i'm still in the same ticketing schedule)

i'm happy to be spending a few more days here, but i really do have to get back to the states.  i've got to get to work!  i have a boat to get ready, loans to pay off, and Teri's university fees are coming up quick.  all good though.

our internet has been out for a few days, and we went south to Tam bun for a couple days.   i'll get caught up today, tomorrow.



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