090327 Thaikarl - it's been raining, big time, pix and tweets

we've had rain the last few days. yesterday was a big one, with high winds.  we had to run around and secure all the windows and shades, even still, water got into the house, flooded the porches and generally made a mess of things.  all the tobacco crops will die from so much water, and lots of the tall corn in the fields got blown over.  i have a lot of work around the house to finish, but that was rained out.

finally got my gallery of photos from our trip to Vietnam up and ready for your perusal.

our internet connection has been pretty flakey last few days.  i changes DNS servers and that helped, but it's still not great.

if you use twitter, i've been sending tweets from my phone.  follow me!

Tok made one of my favorite dishes today, one of many actually, but this stuff is GOOD!  it's called Yam Pra Duk Toe (or something like that) first time i had it, i swore it had vinegar in it, but it doesn't.  that flavor comes from fish sauce and lemon.  it has fish in it, but doesn't taste fishy, peanuts and green mango slivers. plus secret ingredients i can't identify.  man, its tasty, kind of salad like.

onward!  Nu

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