090309 Thaikarl - Greetings from Vietnam!

friends,  we got up early, took the 6 hour bus ride to mochit in bangkok, hour by taxi to the airport, and flew to vietnam.  as per my usual, we didn't have a plan, or pre-booking.  we just showed up at the airport. 

and figured it out.

taxi took us to, were weren't sure where for how much- 120,000 vietnamese Dong.  what is that in dollars now? oh about 8... to... to... as it turns out, right to the area where i was the last time i was here.  which was good, cause i vaquely know my way around.  we walked down a narrow alley filled with restaruants and mini-hotels, and just because, we took a room on the fifth floor for $13.00/night.  a bit fancier than i like- it has aircon, tv and fridge, so we'll wall around and downgrade tommarrow.  got some food, water, and we're walking around. 

i like vietnam.  it's very busy, zillions of motorbikes and things going on.  it just feels good here.  Tok hasn't decided yet.  be we did have some noddles and pork which was to her liking so we're off to a good start.  things are a little more expensive than 4 years ago- jeez, it's been that long.

tommorow we figure out what to do next.  i want to get out of saigon this time. plenty of booking shops for tours, travel, buses, etc.  whull find something interesting i'm sure.


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