090226 Thaikarl - visited by the shaman

the "longsan" or spirit women (i probably have the word unclear) came this morning. it is so interesting to watch the ceremony. the women has a whole ritual she does to get ready, then appears to go into 'trance' or open state, and can answer questions, help with illness diagnosis and treatment and i'm not sure what else. i video'd about 15 minutes on my casio camera, but the quality is pretty low, i'll post it later non-the-less. to be present at such things is a treat, a joy, a rarity, and one of the marvelous things i have access to being married to a thai women from the country. i'm going to figure out a better video camera for the next time i come home so i can get these things recorded properly. i still have my mini-dv video camera, but video tapes are so.... so... analog, and requires too much stuff to lug around. casio is coming out with a new model of camera that takes HD video, so when i upgrade to that camera, i may have a solution. my single battery died after 15 minutes of video. casio batteries last for hundreds of photos, but video sucks electrons highly.

the couple of bits i gleaned - meaning they were translated to me -were that i will be living in thailand in a couple of years, in bangkok, working there. and that Tok and i are indeed, soul mates. imagine that!

it's a bit warm up here in the bedroom house where the computer is, so i'm going outside to varnish the underside of this house. more...

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