090224 Thaikarl - where am i? it rained today.

it is so wonderful to be home.  sitting at the keyboard and typing just hasn't been one my my things to do so far.

we  had a good few days in bangkok.  i had composed a long post relating the details, then i crashed firefox and lost it.  oh well.  most important task after shopping was to get my visa for vietnam.  had to leave my passport at the consulate over the weekend, but it was all ready to go on monday.  i brought my steinberger guitar with me in my carry-on.  it had an electrical problem when i bought it off ebay, so i got it for a good price.  took it to a shop in ratcatewei and the fixed it and set up the strings for 15.00.  would have cost me a hundred dollars or more in the states.  no luck finding strings for it tho, went to 6 different shops.  almost no luck finding a 7.5 volt power supply for the clock/radio i brought.  some things in thailand are just impossible to find.  in the states i'd just goto radio shack.  finally found an adapter that would work at a street vendor in china town, for 1.25 USD.  after all that, it was off to the Mo chit bus station to go home.

wonderful doesn't cover the feeling to come down our driveway...  been some improvements around the place.  more will be revealed...

cares, NU

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