090210 Thaikarl - Fixing to go home.


this time tomorrow i'll be way out over the pacific in a cozy sleep inside a giant aluminum tube.  and as you might imagine, i'm very happy about that.  it's been snowing the last two days in seattle.  not much, but it's sticking on the grass.  it's in the hight 80's in thailand.  and sunny.

it always seems like such a long journey just to get to the fly-away point.  fixing stuff, painting, drywall, repairs, digging holes, patching, drilling, building stuff for my clients... pays the few bills i have, takes care of the family back home, and when some consistant jobs show up i suddenly have enough for a plane ticket and life away from the state.  i want to thank those clients who keep me busy, it's your contribution that makes it possible.  you know who you are!  THANKS!!!

i actually got everything put away, bags packed and i'm nearly ready to go.  somehow i had it in my head that i was flying out on TUESDAY.  but tuesday was the 10th, my ticket is for the 11th.  so i was like nearly a day ahead of myself!

i'll keep the emails/blogposts coming.  

cares, NU

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