090107 Finally! Flight plan is filed


i this this song "I'm going Home" going thru my head.  why?  because i am!  thanks to a intense run of work, i had enough to buy a ticket home.  leaving february 11th.  woo hooooooo!!!  my return is scheduled for only 6 weeks later, but if i win the lotto (and yes, i buy tickets) or have some good work happening in the next month, i can extend my stay.  i have to have about a thousand dollars in my pocket for every month i am overseas, to take care of the family, daily life, and to pay for my expenses back in the USA.  so, six weeks is all i can count on, and i'll be coming back broke at that, but oh well, what the hell!  things always work out.

round trip ticket on asiana airlines was only 860$ USD.  quite a deal, last trip the airfare was 1200$ USD.  getting a good price on an airline ticket is a hit and miss voodoo art.  it's such a weird system.  you can go online the next day, and the same airline, for a similar trip will show 2500$

Tok took mama to the hospital in phetchaboon yesterday to have her blood and kidney checked out.  they will know more in a month, but it appears she's okay for now, they've given her medications, and they want to wait to see how that goes.

i'm quite thrilled to be going back, as you might imagine.  it will be soooo good to get home to tok and everybody, not to mention the warmth, the food and the utter strangeness that is thailand.  we are hoping i can cash up and have a small trip out of thailand.  i'd like to take tok to vietnam.  i was there just before i met her four years ago, and i have wanted to go back ever since.  i have a young friend there, and i'd like to see him again, and get out of Ho Chi Min City... beaches perhaps???  it's only 300$ to fly there from bangkok for two, and a couple of hundred bucks to have a time for a week.  overland would be much cheaper, but takes a couple of days on buses, and i don't think we can afford the extra days away from mama and teri.  whullll seeeee.  even if we don't get to go, it will just be nice to hang out at our house in lomsak, and go down to our house in ban chang for a few days.

good new year to yall!

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