070430 Thaikarl - Home again


it is so nice to be home!  arrived at the house in lom sak around 8pm last night.  teri (toks daughter) came running down the road to meet us, and mama came up the drive to hug me.  mama kept saying 'n tur' which means "missed you".  most everything looks the same.  tok had windows installed around the house, the plants have grown some.  the TV is broke - its constantly resetting itself.  Kitty is gone (killed on the road a few months ago) but Bak is there, and there is a new cat i called "number 3", a calico sweet heart.  the electric circuits and lamps i installed last year are still working.  all is good.

this morning when i got up the crewe was out there - the kids from the neighborhood - Ah, Pet, Ai, Em, Game, and the neighbor Tai was waiting for me to say hi.  a wonderful welcome. then everybody went away and i slept most of the morning.  finally, i can relax!  for a day or two anyway...


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