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the days,weeks and months prior to my coming to thailand were like a kettle over a small flame. not much happening at first, but slowly, the activity increases until things start bubbling a little, mist arises, and finally,the water boils, the whistle goes off, steam billows out.  normally someone comes and turns off heat, or removes the kettle.  in  my case, the last two weeks before departure i was still on the heat, boiling as fast as i could.  finishing up paying jobs, selling things, trashing things, packing things, taking care of business.  i left my apartment with  a ton of things still there, extracting only those things i wanted to keep and leaving the rest.  my room mate kindly offered  to take care of all the left behinds as trade for things of mine she wanted to keep. my mother used to say i was "burning the candle at both ends".  i kept telling myself i could relax when i got home to thailand.  and that i am.  i've spent my first four days here in ban dong khwang pretty much doing nothing. sleeping late,napping in the afternoon, reading the paper. just can't seem to get my motor started.  there is a lot of things to be done around the house, but i have to get some energy going to get started.  maybe tomorrow.

in 10 days is the Bang Fai festival in Yasothoon.  parades, food, and on sunday ROCKETS! big fiery monsters made from bamboo or pvc pipe, with home made black powder propellant, launched to honor the rain gods.  tok and i are going to take the bus out there.  i've wanted to goto this thing every year, but haven't made it.  finally, on my sixth trip to thailand, i'm here at the right time, before all the money is spent. got my camera and video ready.  cool!

today's adventure was to take the TV into the shop in lomsak.  of course it started raining as we were getting ready to go, so we had a slight rain delay.  we decided to take the TV on the song theow - "two row" trucks that go back and forth on the big road.  but, all the trucks were full, and passed by the tall white guy with a big tv wrapped in red plastic.  so we went native.  strapped, roped and bungee corded the TV to the back of the motorbike, and i drove it into town.  Tok followed behind in the next song theow.  easy.  glad it didn't start raining hard when i was heading into town.  so the TV is in the shop to get fixed, and the sun just came out.

amazing thailand!


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  1. Hi Karl: Thanks for checking in on my blog. I'm in Vientiane right now, NGO ex-pat central, but am planning to return to Thailand and tour Isann by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I thought the rocket festival was in June (when I head home), but if it's in May then I might stay for a few days. I've read it's one of a kind. I'd love to hear what you think & perhaps meet for coffee, tea or whatever...time and location permitting. As for art cars, I've only seen one -- on Koh Maak--a tractor with a bed completely (except for the engine) made out of carved wood. I didn't have my camera with me unfortunately.


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