070517 Thaikarl - lanquid days in Lomsak


the days have been lanquid here in lomsak.  the workmen are all over the house, everything is tore up, misplaced, dusty, splashed with concrete, and the calls for "more cement", "more sand", "roofing materials" etc etc are draining the accounts.  anybody who has redone their house knows what i mean, you just keep throwing money at it and hope it sticks.  and there's the "well, gee, while the workman are here, and doing all this stuff already, why don't we go ahead and have them ____________?" syndrome that you get into.  throw more money. someday it will be finished.   (NOT)  someday this phase will be finished.  but it's all very worth it, as the house will look so much nicer and be more comfortable to live in.

still hoping to have enough left over to goto vietnam, or at least down south do do a little scuba diving.  wull cee...

Nu and Tok

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