070427 Thaikarl - BANGKOK! YAHOO!


Back in Bangkok! figured my way out of the new airport, onto the airport bus, sky-trained to MBK, down the little Soi to the Star Hotel and checked in the bags.  very exciting to be here.  warm.  the people, writing, smell, everything!  home!

first thing i bought were some Samit cigarettes and a Kraeting Dang (thai red-bull).  First place i went was siam square to Coffee World for  an espresso.  then to MBK to the internet place on the 7th floor.  Tok lands at 10:05 tonight.  i goint to try to take the city bus for 35 baht ($1.00) rather than the airport bus for 135 baht ($4.00ish)  if i botch it like last time i'll have to take a taxi-meter for way more.

one of my readers sent me a question:

On 4/27/07, S. P. <*****@ vom.com> wrote: Hey Karl,
When you move to Thialand do you think you will miss this country? I've often thought of packing in all in and running away but I imagine the adjustments at this point would be just too overwhelming.
Travel safely,

and my reply:

i won't miss the united states of amerika at all.  miss My family there, yes, but i won't miss the country or the xians, or the politics etc etc etc.  not that any of those things are that much better over here, but the food is better and the weather is warm...  there may come a day i want to go back...   running away doesn't do much for ya... running TO something does. which in the process will take you AWAY from whatever you don't care for "back there"  i actually still like the states (mostly), i just like it better here. adjusting to the 'slow complacent getting old and die" in the usa was just getting too overwhelming to me.  i was worried about adjusting to asia , but it's not difficult for me at all... fires me up, inspires, intrigues, etc. 

my life was definitely in need of renewal.  refreshment.  here it is.  of course, after some time it will be come "normal", but i've lived "normal" in the states, and i want to be here to get to "normal" here.  but i think it will take a while.  especially since i'm pretty much illiterate, uncultured and rather mute in thailand.  that will always keep things interesting.

we are going to stay in BKK for a couple of nights, do some running about here - have to take a computer to see about getting fixed, buy more espresso coffee (i didn't bring enough), goto the embassy to see about visa... stuff and stuff.  we'll take the bus up to Lomsak day after tomorrow.  i'm looking forward to seeing mama and teri, and the neighbors and friends, and the house and the new kitty cats and the mango tree and the house and, the long list of things to fix Tok has ready for me :-)

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