070426 Thaikarl - departing for the homeland tommorrow


tomorrow tok and i fly to bangkok.  the homeland.  on different planes at different times.  another opportunity for being in the wrong place at the right time, or vice versa, or both.  when we came here, i arrived early in the morning, Tok was due in later that same day, but at evening time.  So i took the airport express bus into Ban Chaio, found dougs apartment, dropped off my gear, got some food, and wandered around a bit.  i went to the bus stop at 4pm to be there early for toks 6:15 arrival flight.  but the bus never came.  at 6pm i flagged a taxi, and offered him all the 100 NT bills i had and all my change - a little over 700 NT ($21 US).  he reluctantly agreed, and took me all over the place, arriving at the airport where i found Tok wondering where the heck i was.  the embarrassing part was, that the next day, doug and jasmine took me to the same bus stop and pointed out the airport bus --- "right there"  because i didn't have luggage, the bus driver(s) didn't automatically stop for a man standing at the airport bus sign, and i didn't wave them down, so there must have been 3 or 4 airport buses that went by while i was standing there... duh.  if i had matched the characters on the corner of the bus sign with the characters on the front of the busses, i would have caught one to the airport and been way early.  the airport bus is 135 NT ($4.06 US) that was an expensive lesson.  what fun the challenge.

i fly in to bangkok in the am, Tok arrives late at night, so i get another chance to go into town, set up in the hotel and find my way back to the airport to meet her.  there is a new airport in bangkok, that i haven't been to, so it will be exploritory and guess-by-gosh again.  but there is more english at hand, and it IS thailand, where i'm a little more usede to getting around.

the adventure continues.  

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