160307 - ThaiKarl 01 So good to be HOME!!!


Getting to Thailand is always an adventure in itself.  Being here is sublime.  I won't have access to a keyboard where I can type proper, and there's been too much to finger type.  Please stand by. 

Meanwhile, I've been posting to the FACEBook (search Karl Christopher ) and been using messaging apps:  LINE and TELEGRAM AND VIBER ( all under ' Thaikarl '). I have a Thai SIM card, but I can't send SMS to android phones, only iMessage to iPhones works - a mystery to solve. Also posting photos to Instagram and Twitter again, all as Thaikarl

We're in bangkok for two days, and i have short access to daughters computer.  try to get some posts out.  we go back to Rayong day after tommorow, then drive to home in Lomsak, where i'll have computer and internet at home.


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